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The Most Accurate, Safe Lie Detector Available

Get 88% accuracy in 30 minutes for screening tests.
And 90% accuracy in 15 minutes for single-issue testing.

Private companies and government agencies alike are harmed when employees commit theft, participate in bribery, or other criminal activities.

How Does EyeDetect Work?

The human body responds to the stress of deception; the greater the consequences of the lie, the greater the stress.

EyeDetect’s uniquely measures bio-cognitive responses, such as changes in pupil diameter, eye movement, eye blinks, and fixations. These changes reflect stress and cognitive effort and are measured with a precision optical scanner.

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In validation trials, EyeDetect classified truthful and deceptive examinees with 88% accuracy. An EyeDetect test takes 30 minutes.

This level of performance in such a short, noninvasive session is unprecedented in the field of lie detection.

EyeDetect is almost completely automated. Examinees receive brief instructions, are seated with a chin rest in front of a computer and are calibrated to an optical scanner. They respond to simple true or false statements.

The computer administers the test and automatically assesses the likelihood that the person was truthful or deceptive.

All organizations are concerned about budget. For that reason, EyeDetect tests are priced economically. Since the test is nearly fully automated, a test proctor can be trained in 3 hours to administer as many as 14 tests per day.

Practical Lie Detection

“The polygraph is ideal for crime-specific incidents. But because of cost, invasiveness, training and upkeep, it can’t be used on a large scale. With EyeDetect, those costs can be reduced significantly. It’s non-invasive, quick, and results are immediate. It helps companies hire and keep honest people.”

Former Program Manager, U.S. Department of State
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