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Streamlining Recruitment for Law Enforcement


In the past, law enforcement positions were relatively easy to fill and at times attracted more applicants than available positions. This is no longer the case in most departments. Times have changed, and so has the workforce along with the expectations of the recruits. In today’s world, your department wants only the best

Streamlining Recruitment for Law Enforcement2019-09-09T10:52:45-05:00

Why It Is Important to Conduct Background Checks on Louisiana Volunteers


When it comes to volunteer work, any individual who applies at a facility for this noble work is naturally viewed as nothing less than a saint. Everyone treats and regards volunteers who work at a facility with great respect and no one even thinks about conducting a volunteer background check.

Why It Is Important to Conduct Background Checks on Louisiana Volunteers2019-09-09T14:38:54-05:00

Global Data Fusion’s Healthcare Background Checks in Louisiana


The healthcare industry has no choice but to conduct comprehensive background checks on prospective employees. The reason is because of the many potential negative repercussions that could arise from hiring the wrong candidate.

Global Data Fusion’s Healthcare Background Checks in Louisiana2019-09-09T13:59:15-05:00

Why Global Data Fusion?


In a world filled with strangers, would it not be nice to know a little more about potential job candidates or tenants? Background screening has becoming vital to uncovering an individual’s true history and not just what they put on paper.

Why Global Data Fusion?2019-09-09T14:40:54-05:00