EyeDetect Lie Detection Tests

Organizations using EyeDetect have access to all available tests created by Converus.

There are various pre-employment tests to screen job applicants and others to conduct ongoing evaluations with current employees (see below). All are available in English and Spanish. In the future, new tests will be created on a regular basis for additional topics.

Each test includes two relevant issues for which the examinee will be asked about their participation. At the end of an EyeDetect test, the data derived from the examinee’s responses and from eye behavior will be securely analyzed and stored in the cloud. And, a detailed report is created with a Converus Credibility Score, which indicates the probability that the individual was truthful or deceptive. Only authorized personnel can access the report to view individual responses and the corresponding Converus Credibility Score.

To create a culture of responsibility and integrity, organizations should institute policy to conduct ongoing employee evaluations. This best practice will not only improve the culture, but will also help prevent fraud and loss.

woman taking eye detect test

“… 85% of the time [EyeDetect technology] correctly classified the participants as guilty or innocent.”

Source: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied – September 2012

Man reading screening information


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