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Does Global Data Fusion archive all records so that my company can maintain 100% paperless systems?2019-07-01T15:51:13-05:00

Yes, Global Data Fusion not only offers the ability to maintain a paperless system, but also allows for our customers to upload all permissible purpose/release forms and also the ability to access these records anytime day or night, and forever.

Is 100% of the work done Global Data Fusion done in the United States?2019-09-09T13:39:57-05:00

Absolutely! We are proud Americans and believe not only in keeping sensitive information in this country, but also supporting our brothers and sisters. We are 100% a U.S. Business!

My company has multiple locations, and each location has an HR person inputting the applicant data daily, but I don’t want these employees to be able to see the invoices that the company is generating. Does Global Data Fusion have this capability?2019-07-01T15:50:02-05:00
Yes, Global Data Fusions’ system is highly customizable. If it is your desire to only have the invoices viewable by accounts payable personnel, or only by HR managers, or maybe by just one of your field offices, anything is possible with Global Data Fusions system.
As a manger, I want to know if Global Data Fusion can customize my companies interface to allow for only my office to see reports submitted by our field offices.2019-07-01T15:49:43-05:00
Absolutely. Global Data Fusion can in fact set up multiple sub accounts under the main companies account to allow for just this situation. And in addition, Global Data Fusion can also set up your company’s location in several different ways including, field office HR personnel that can input the applicant data and either have the privileges to only input the data, or be able to input and see the reports. Global Data Fusion can set up your company, anyway way you choose, whether your company has one office, or one thousand offices, our robust system has everything you need.
Can I enter my new applicants into Global Data Fusions background screening software 24/7?2019-07-01T15:49:05-05:00
Absolutely, Global Data Fusion is online 24/7 for your data entry. Day or night, we are processing your entries giving you the quickest turn around times so that you can have the best information available, when you need it.
Can I view completed sections of the background before the completed report is delivered?2019-07-01T15:48:50-05:00
Yes. Another great selling point for Global Data Fusions system, is that a customer can view completed portions of the report before the entire report is delivered. Simply put, if a client requested three different products including a County Criminal Report, Nationwide Criminal Database Search, and a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), the customer could view the nationwide report and the MVR as soon as they become available, which is roughly 1-2 days before the county criminal report is available. So, no more waiting days before you reports are available, you can view them now!
How do I go about ordering a background check from Global Data Fusion?2019-07-01T15:48:24-05:00
Global Data Fusion offers a state of the art ordering system. All of the ordering is done through an internet browser, and takes approximately 2-3 minutes to input the applicant’s information.
What types of criminal charges might prevent someone from working in a medical field?2019-07-01T15:46:49-05:00
  • Medicaid, Medicare, any other healthcare program fraud;
  • Neglect or abuse of a patient;
  • Unlawful manufacture, distribution, prescription or dispensing of a controlled substance;
  • Fraud, theft, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary responsibility, or other financial misconduct;
  • Illegal Sexual acts;
  • Interference or obstruction of an investigation into any of the above criminal offenses.
Does Global Data Fusion offer any services to an individual such as search for my own background?2019-07-01T15:46:23-05:00
Yes, Global Data Fusion offers any and all of its search products to individuals. This can be used either to see if there are any records that might affect your hiring with a specific company, or in order to make sure that no-one is using your personal information such as in an Identity Theft situation.
My company needs to run credit checks, why is a site inspection needed, and what does it entail?2019-07-01T15:46:06-05:00
Global Data Fusion does offer to its clients the ability to run personal credit inquiries. But, before any checks are done, a third party inspection company is contracted to perform a site specific inspection to insure that the sensitive information is being used, handled, and stored properly. The inspection normally takes 10-15 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes.
What is the turnaround time on reports generated by Global Data Fusion? (All information collected by GDF, is reviewed before it is forwarded to the customer)2019-07-01T15:45:39-05:00
In most cases, results will be returned in 20-72 business hours. There are cases that involve the county criminal search results for some counties or parishes to be returned between 72-120 hours, but this depends on factors such as location or remoteness of the courthouses, courthouse days of operation, etc., but most cases are as stated above, and range between 20-72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).
How long are my applicant records stored?2019-07-01T15:45:06-05:00
One of Global Data Fusions main selling points is the fact that all of its customers’ historical data, is available forever!
Do I have to call Global Data Fusion every time I need to look up historical applicant data?2019-07-01T15:44:48-05:00
Global Data Fusion provides on-line archiving which allows its customers the ability to retrieve historical reports with ease and without having to contact anyone.
Is the information that Global Data Fusion receives confidential and secure?2019-07-01T15:44:31-05:00
Yes, all information is kept in the strictest confidentiality, and with the highest levels of security available. Global Data Fusions servers are housed in an SSAE16 SOC 2 Type 2 audited data center, protected by high definition cameras, and a server room that requires a biometric scan to enter. The servers are mounted in locked cabinets that only authorized personnel have access. In addition, all data transmissions to and from the servers, including XML traffic, is encrypted using SSL certificates issued and managed by Thawte.
Do applicants submitted to Global Data Fusion for background checks need to furnish a signed release?2019-07-01T15:44:10-05:00
Yes, each applicant submitted to Global Data Fusion needs to complete and sign a release (permissible purpose), in order to be in compliance with the FCRA rules and regulations. Also, Global Data Fusion has a form that can be used for this purpose for its customers.
Why should I, or my company, consider performing background checks?2019-07-01T15:43:40-05:00
Conducting background screening on applicants/employees has become a matter of self-preservation for employers. Many applicants/employees make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they may not or did not disclose. If you or your company want to ensure a safer workplace and avoid negligent hiring lawsuits, the small amount of money paid to pre-screen your applicants is a very small price compared to the legal fees you could have to pay later.
Can Global Data Fusion provide services Nationwide?2019-07-01T15:43:11-05:00
Yes, Global Data Fusion is a nationwide provider of employment background screening services, as well as services that are offered internationally.
Does Global Data Fusion offer any support in regards to Adverse Action, and what to do if a company decides not to hire someone based on the background investigation?2019-07-01T15:42:36-05:00
Yes, Global Data Fusion will assist its clients with compliance regarding Adverse Action(s). In addition, we also offer to your clients the ability to view sample Adverse Action letters in order to craft one that fits their organization.
Does Global Data Fusion require a monthly minimum usage agreement?2019-07-01T15:42:09-05:00
No, Global Data Fusions customers enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about a monthly minimum usage agreement. There are no minimums or maximums.
Does Global Data Fusion require a contract for new customers?2019-07-01T15:41:42-05:00
No, Global Data Fusion does not require its customers to sign any type of service agreement. But what Global Data Fusion does require, is an agreement that maps out the requirements for Global Data Fusions service to its customers with regards to permissible purpose release forms, FCRA compliance, etc.
Is Global Data Fusion a member of the PBSA (Professional Background Screeners Association)?2020-12-17T13:35:41-06:00
Yes, Global Data Fusion is a proud member of the PBSA and has several staff members with certifications from this organization .
Does Global Data Fusion need to use fingerprints to run the Louisiana State mandated non-licensed healthcare worker and licensed ambulance personnel checks (LACCH)?2019-07-01T15:40:02-05:00
No. Fingerprints are not a requirement to perform the State mandated LACCH checks. For clarification on this topic please click the following link for LA R.S. 40:1203.2
Is Global Data Fusion an Authorized Agency of the Louisiana State Police?2019-09-09T13:38:46-05:00

Yes, Global Data Fusion is, and has been, an Authorized Agency of the Louisiana State Police since February 8th 2008.

Does Global Data Fusion adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines?2019-07-01T15:38:56-05:00

Yes, Global Data Fusion prides itself in making sure that 100% of its fulfilment staff are trained and certified in, at least, the NAPBS Basic FCRA regulations. Global Data Fusions goal is to comply with the increasingly complex laws that impact background screening and to maintain its Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) training and certification programs.

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