DOT & Non-DOT Drug Screening

How long do these drug screenings take?


The amount of time your drug screening takes depends on the type of screening you’re performing. A Non-DOT screening will generally have results available within 48 hours. DOT screenings can take up to 72. DOT samples go through a verification process to indicate it has not been tampered with in any way. After that, the

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What drugs do these tests screen for?


As previously stated, the drugs tested for are as follows: DOT testing: Cocaine, marijuana, PCP, meth and opioids Non-DOT testing: The above, as well as methadone, MDMA, steroids, benzodiazepines, quaaludes and many more.

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What is required for a DOT drug test?


Anyone who would be categorized as a DOT-designated “safety-sensitive” employee is required to submit to DOT drug and alcohol testing. This includes employees overseen by DOT departments like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), U.S. Coast Guard, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials

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