Driving Records Check

What is a PSP background check?


The Pre-Employment Screening Program can be used to offer additional safety performance information for potential commercial drivers that you may not find with other types of background screening checks. Under this program, employers can get up to five years of crash data and three years of data from roadside inspections for any potential drivers. These

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How long does it take to check a driving record?


Your experience may vary, but the standard is anywhere between a few hours to a day. Driving records that come up with a number of infractions or other issues may take a bit longer to produce due to the additional documentation and the extra incidents to research.

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What does an MVR check include?


MVR reports are an ideal means of researching candidates and checking to see whether or not they have unsafe driving records. It is especially helpful because there are some states or locations in which DUI convictions are not found in the criminal court record, meaning the MVR review is the only resource available to employers

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