Federal Criminal & Civil Searches

How far back does a federal criminal search go?


There aren’t nearly as many limitations for reporting criminal information as there are for credit and financial information in background checks. There are no federal acts limiting the look back period for federal criminal searches, which means you could see convictions from decades ago. However, most employers will typically request about seven to 10 years’

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What shows up in a federal criminal background check?


A federal criminal background check will reveal case information from federal district courts (94 total) regarding any type of criminal case heard in federal court. Common examples of these types of cases include white collar crimes, fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, firearms offenses, robbery and many more. These types of background checks are ideal for companies or

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What is a federal civil search?


A federal civil case involves a legal dispute between two parties in the federal court system. Federal courses are much more serious in nature than the kinds of civil cases you’d tend to find on the county level. As with a local criminal search, investigators search for dispositions or the most recent entries in the

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What is a federal criminal search?


Federal criminal searches involve the use of the government’s PACER criminal record system, which covers the 94 federal jurisdictions. These crimes include crimes across state lines, crimes committed on federal land, crimes against federal employees and other categories that put criminal activity into federal jurisdiction. This is also not the same thing as a national

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