Who is Converus?


In October 2009, Credibility Assessment Technologies LLC (CAT) was formed to bring a new lie detection technology, based on an ocular-motor deception test (ODT), to the market. In September 2013 the technology was given the brand name EyeDetect. On December 12, 2013, the company was officially renamed Converus, Inc. The name Converus is derived from

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Given that it’s a unique solution on the market, what is the secret sauce behind EyeDetect?


EyeDetect uses a statistical method to analyze independent ocular data. The data is gathered and tracked by an infrared camera that observes changes in eye behavior during a question & answer session with an examinee. The test is administered by a computer. Resulting from the analysis of the examinee’s responses and the ocular data, a

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Which studies validated the EyeDetect technology?


In 2006, after the Converus Science Team completed substantial testing of this concept of monitoring eye behavior to detect deception, a University of Utah psychology graduate student working with the science team published its findings. The Osher Dissertation documented the first lab study that demonstrated the effectiveness of an ocular-motor deception test (ODT). A second

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Who invented EyeDetect?


In 2002, John C. Kircher and his colleague, Doug Hacker, an educational psychologist with expertise in the psychology of reading, were driving to Seattle to climb Mt. Rainier. En route, they wondered if changes in eye movements and pupil size while reading and answering questions about a crime would reveal deception. They asked themselves, “Would

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How accurate is EyeDetect?


EyeDetect boasts 85 percent accuracy when pre-screening candidates or periodically screening employees. In the mock crime study at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, as well as in a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (Sep. 2012), EyeDetect achieved 85 percent accuracy. Each participant in an EyeDetect test answers questions while the

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What is EyeDetect?


EyeDetect is the first ocular-motor deception test (ODT) solution for deception detection. EyeDetect is an accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure, and noninvasive method for businesses to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, and for law enforcement agencies and governments to detect deception. In September 2013 the technology was given the brand name EyeDetect.

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