Tenant Screening & Eviction Database

Are evictions public record?


For a person to be evicted, their landlord must have obtained a civil judgment against them in court. These court records containing these judgments are able to be publicly searched. Landlords who perform their own searches will likely scan public records for applicants’ names, but a more effective way of performing the search and getting

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How long do tenant screenings take?


In general, you can expect it to take up to two to three days for a tenant background check to be completed. It’s a good idea to advise applicants of this when they turn in their forms so they can be aware of how much time to expect the confirmation process to take. In some

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What do tenant screenings show?


When you get your tenant screening report back, you will see information including an overview of the applicant’s credit, a criminal report (if any crimes exist on the applicant’s record) and reports of any evictions that may have occurred in the applicant’s past. All of this information is helpful for landlords who may be choosing

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