Nationwide Criminal ALIAS Search

Global Data Fusion’s premier broad scope search provides a unique and expansive search not only in the applicant’s current area of residence, but also in areas not divulged by the applicant.


This search includes information obtained through reporting agencies throughout the U.S. including municipalities, sheriff’s departments, state government agencies (including DOC records), sex offender registries, and the terrorist watch list data base. Global Data Fusion recommends that this search be used in conjunction with, and verified by, a corresponding county criminal search insuring that the reported information is both accurate and complete as per the FCRA. Information returned via our Nationwide Criminal ALIAS Search includes records pertaining to felony, misdemeanor, and traffic arrest and convictions. The default reporting time frame is seven (7) years for arrest, and longer for convictions where regulations allow. All data is authenticated by our FCRA certified fulfillment staff.


Benefits of the GDF Nationwide ALIAS search

By allowing our customers the ability to search outside of the normal search areas, this search offers the following benefits:

  • Multiple Names – The Nationwide ALIAS search not only searches for the name entered by you, but it also uses the names associated with the applicant’s SSN (AKA’s, married names, nicknames, etc.). This allows for a much cleaner and truer search.
  • Wider Scope – allows for a search that reaches throughout the U.S. including a sex offender registry search and also discovers records from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).
  • Uncover More – Find records in areas that were not found on the address history search and in places the applicant did not divulge they lived.
  • Save Time – Always save time when using Global Data Fusion’s pre-release screening process. All information returned to you is scrutinized by FCRA trained fulfillment staff preventing duplicated returns and always making sure that the data is not only complete, but accurate as well, helping you maintain FCRA compliance. This allows you to immediately have actionable reporting at your fingertips.


Key Features

  • Wider scope = more information
  • Includes both misdemeanor and felony search returns in one place.