At Global Data Fusion Hiring & Screening Solutions, we understand the critical importance of patient safety in the healthcare industry. Ensuring this safety begins with rigorous verification of healthcare providers’ identities, credentials, and backgrounds. In a sector where bad actors and fraudulent individuals are adept at concealing their true identities, the depth and accuracy of background screenings become indispensable. Learn more about our services.


What is a FACIS® Level 3 Background Check?

A FACIS® Level 3 background check, offered by Global Data Fusion, is the highest standard in exclusion screening, verification, and monitoring. It includes access to the entire FACIS database, featuring over 5,000 data sources with historical and state data, and millions of individual records. This service is essential for comprehensive and ongoing assessments of healthcare providers. Discover more about our healthcare worker screening solutions.


Federal Sources in FACIS Level 3 Screening:

For healthcare organizations funded by federal sources, Global Data Fusion ensures a meticulous check of government exclusion lists. This step is vital to avoid legal repercussions, patient risks, and reputational damage. Our platform keeps pace with database updates, ensuring continuous and accurate monitoring.


Comprehensive Databases in FACIS Level 3 Searches:

Our FACIS Level 3 search includes major federal data sources such as OIG, SAM, FDA, DEA, TRICARE, FBI, U.S. DOJ, Treasury Dept, and State Dept. It also covers state-level FHEP sources like State Medicaid Exclusions and Medicare/Medicaid Opt-Out Lists.


Verisys’ Certification and Excellence: Global Data Fusion’s partner, Verisys, is fully NCQA certified and URAC accredited, ensuring adherence to the highest data and industry standards. The FACIS platform by Verisys guarantees a reliable representation of a provider’s background.



Global Data Fusion is committed to aiding healthcare professionals and organizations in delivering high-quality care while safeguarding against fraud and abuse. With our comprehensive FACIS Level 3 background checks, we provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your providers meet all necessary credentials.


About Global Data Fusion:

Global Data Fusion Hiring & Screening Solutions specializes in enhancing patient safety through meticulous and accurate background checks. We are dedicated to informed hiring decisions that contribute to a safer healthcare environment for all. Visit our website for more information.


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