Louisiana Employee Background Screening

Thorough and accurate background checks


At Global Data Fusion, we understand the importance of thorough and accurate background checks. As a leading provider of background screening services, we are dedicated to helping our clients make informed decisions about potential employees, contractors, and volunteers. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes a range of tools and resources to verify the information provided

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Everything You Need to Know About EyeDetect®


In any public sector work environment, it’s crucial to ensure that yourorganizationy is protected from corruption. When employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal acts, it can hurt your business. Employers in any government sector can benefit from lie detection technology such as EyeDetect.

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Louisiana Drug Testing Regulations for Employers


Every business wants to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. As an employer in Louisiana, you are allowed to require pre-employment drug screenings as well as routine, ongoing checks. In some industries, you are federally required to have your employees tested for drug and alcohol abuse.

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Why It Is Important to Conduct Background Checks on Louisiana Volunteers


When it comes to volunteer work, any individual who applies at a facility for this noble work is naturally viewed as nothing less than a saint. Everyone treats and regards volunteers who work at a facility with great respect and no one even thinks about conducting a volunteer background check.

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Global Data Fusion’s Healthcare Background Checks in Louisiana


The healthcare industry has no choice but to conduct comprehensive background checks on prospective employees. The reason is because of the many potential negative repercussions that could arise from hiring the wrong candidate.

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Why Global Data Fusion?


In a world filled with strangers, would it not be nice to know a little more about potential job candidates or tenants? Background screening has becoming vital to uncovering an individual’s true history and not just what they put on paper.

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