Understanding the Database

Louisiana’s Adverse Actions List is a critical resource for employers, especially in the healthcare sector. This comprehensive database includes individuals and providers who have faced sanctions, such as exclusions, terminations, or disbarment, by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Health Standards.

  • How it helps: Employers can search by name or verify with a Social Security Number.
  • Purpose: It ensures that individuals sanctioned are not employed in sensitive roles, especially in healthcare.

Compliance with Medicaid Regulations

Employment of any individual listed in the Adverse Actions database in Medicaid-related roles is strictly prohibited. This measure is crucial for maintaining legal and ethical standards in healthcare.

  • Legal implications: Engaging an excluded individual is a violation of state law.
  • Reinstatement process: Excluded parties must apply for reinstatement after their exclusion period, which is subject to state review.

Importance for Employers

The database serves as a vital tool for employers in making informed hiring decisions, ensuring that they do not inadvertently hire individuals with a history of misconduct.

  • Screening with DSW registry: Employers must use this to screen for histories of abuse, neglect, or financial misconduct.
  • Mandatory compliance: If a prospective employee is found on the registry, they must not be hired. If hired, the employer can face hefty fines and penalties for employing excluded providers and billing for their services.

Global Data Fusion’s Role

Incorporating the Louisiana State Adverse Actions List into their screening processes, Global Data Fusion offers comprehensive hiring and screening solutions that ensure compliance and ethical employment practices.

  • Enhanced Screening: By using this database, Global Data Fusion helps in hiring a workforce that is both skilled and cleared of legal or ethical barriers.
  • Client Assurance: This approach ensures that clients in the healthcare and social service sectors can maintain high standards of safety and trust.



Utilizing the Louisiana State Adverse Actions List is crucial for employers. Partnering with Global Data Fusion can seamlessly integrate this resource into their hiring processes, ensuring a workforce that is not only competent but also adheres to the highest standards of legal and ethical compliance.


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