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Our Screening Services

Global Data Fusion, LLC is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based background screening company. Our pre-employment screening services give employers the information they need when evaluating whether or not an employee is the right fit for their firm. Our screening services include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Security Number Traces
  • Employment Reference Checks
  • Personal Credit Checks
  • Louisiana Non-Licensed Healthcare Provider Screening
  • Federal Criminal Records Searches
  • Volunteer Background Screening

  • Medical Organization /Individual Screening (Exclusions)

  • County Civil Records Searches
  • Personal Reference Checks

  • Eviction Database Search

  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug Screening

  • Sex Offender Checks


  • Tenant Screening

  • Pre-Employment Physicals (Including DOT and Non-DOT)

  • National Criminal Database Searches

  • Professional License and Credential Verification

  • Global Terrorist Watch List Screening

  • County Criminal Conviction / Records Searches


  • Educational Reference / Verification Checks

Global Data Fusion’s goal when performing any background investigation is to uncover any liabilities a prospective employee might pose to a business. What we uncover will help employers to determine the likelihood of whether an employee may be dishonest, unproductive or may even engage in crimes such as internal theft, fraud and/or embezzlement, etc. If you’re a Lafayette, LA business that wants to avoid the negative outcomes that result from hiring a poor candidate, Global Data Fusion, LLC will provide the background investigation(s) you desperately need.

Several Studies by Respected Institutions Have Found That an Average of 60-75% of Merchandise Loss in American Companies is Due to Employee Theft:

“65% to 75% of all merchandise losses come from inside stealing by employees.”
~The Insurance Institute of America“…employee theft accounts for an estimated 60% to 70% of all retail losses.”
~The National Retail Merchants Association

Global Data Fusion, LLC can provide pre-employment screening for any business or organization. Our Clients include:

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Oil/Gas Industry

  • Trucking Industry

  • Restaurant Industry

  • Volunteer Organizations

  • The Legal Community
  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Government Administrations

  • Emergency Services Org’s

We can get rid of any apprehension you may have when hiring new employees by providing you the information you need with our background screening in Lafayette, LA. Feel free to fill out our form on the right sidebar to request information on our various pre-employment screening products. Or you can call us (337) 205-3007.